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Trendy Bohemian Bags and Purses
Bohemian style isn’t just a passing fashion trend or phase—it’s a timeless and iconic pillar that reflects real-world ideologies that are rooted in rich cultural and historical backgrounds. Specifically, bohemian accessories like handbags, purses, and jewelry are reflections and expressions of the counterculturist essence of this type of lifestyle. Featuring bold prints, mismatched patterns, and multicolored adornments, bohemian bags and purses can be found online, making them infinitely more accessible to conscious consumers than ever.  
 Partaking in a countercultural movement entails embodying everything it represents or at the very least, the components of it that serve and reflect your personal perspectives and beliefs the most. Through that lens, the right bohemian bags, purses, and accessories can enhance both your overall aesthetic along with your global impact as well. At Woodstock Lodge, our online bohemian bags are designed and uniquely handcrafted using ethically sourced materials and we pay our suppliers fair wages, so you can feel good about supporting this global movement.  

One Of A Kind Designs

Woodstock Lodge boasts an unwavering commitment to helping consumers make informed fashion choices and helping them express their individuality while also indirectly supporting ethical agricultural, manufacturing, and working practices across the globe. We believe that your personal sense of style and convictions should be reflected in everything you wear. Every handbag has a unique story to tell. Whether you prefer a minimalist or slightly more elaborate look, our specially handcrafted designs are sure to suit your standards.  
 Our bohemian handbag styles come in a wide range of materials including jute, cotton, hemp, and leather. 

Jute Handbags and Purse

Traditionally grown and cultivated on the Ganges Delta, which borders both Bangladesh and India, jute is one of the most versatile plant species in the world. It’s a coarse plant fiber that’s typically used to make burlap and wrap raw cotton bales for transportation. Jute also happens to be a staple material used for bohemian-style clothing and accessories, most notably purses and handbags. 

Cotton Handbags and Purses

Organic cotton is another staple material that’s commonly used throughout the bohemian community. At Woodstock Lodge, we take great pride in employing local artisans to expertly handcraft our one of a kind cotton handbags and purses. Since most of the world’s cotton supply is naturally sourced from various countries including the Americas, India, African nations, and Egypt, we’ve taken the time to explore these culturally rich and diverse regions to produce only the highest quality products for our customers. Each handbag or purse draws design inspiration directly from the region that it came from to deliver excellent quality and unmistakable authenticity.  

Hemp Handbags and Purses

In pop culture, hemp and hemp products are almost always associated with the laid-back bohemian lifestyle. What a lot of people don’t realize is just how easily adaptable hemp is. Originally grown and cultivated throughout central Asia, hemp is a highly durable material that’ll make the perfect addition to your boho-chic lifestyle.

Leather Handbags and Purses

Woodstock Lodge also offers a wide array of bright, bold, and neutral leather purses and handbags that are handmade by talented local craftspeople from all over the world. We believe in upholding high-quality product and fair-trade standards to ensure that both our customers and suppliers get the most out of working with us.  

Woodstock Lodge is a proud proponent of exploring the nuances of a truly bohemian spirit and expressing those sensibilities through the clothing and accessories we produce. Contact us today to learn more about our handbags and purses.