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The Rising Trend of Women’s Boho Clothing

From the early 19th century when it was first introduced to its endurance of the music and art revolution of the 1960s and 1970s right up until its modern-day incarnation, bohemian style has remained in a constant state of flux. Through the years and countless evolutions, however, one aspect of it has remained the same: Bohemian style is about embracing a variety of cultural characteristics while breaking down societal expectations and norms. It represents an often untapped sense of artistic freedom that many people suppress for the sake adhering to societal norms that are forced upon them.  

In recent years, however, there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of women’s boho clothing online and in real time thanks in large part to the influence of a few major fashion designers who want to take their designs back to basics. Woodstock Lodge is an example of just how big of an impact women’s boho clothing is making online.

What Is Women’s Boho Clothing?

Given the complex and convoluted history behind the bohemian countercultural in general, there’s no blanket definition that can truly encompass what women’s boho clothing is or should be. In essence, it’s everything you want it to be and everything you don’t want it to be at the same time.  

Women’s boho clothing is representative of the artistic spirit that inhabits all of us and is uniquely expressed however the individual sees fit. It’s about using bold colors and all-natural fabrics and materials to shine a light on your inner and outer beauty. But, most of all, women’s boho clothing is characterized by integrity, accountability, and taking a vested interest in exploring different cultural and countercultural phenomena around the world.

What Are the Main Elements of Women’s Boho Style?

As mentioned, there’s no one way to describe or define what women’s boho style is or what it should be. However, there are certain stylistic elements that are typically associated with bohemian countercultural. Most notably, these include loose-fitting, airy clothing made from light all-natural or organic materials that are responsibly derived directly from the earth.  

To maintain the all-natural integrity of the fabrics, bohemian clothing and accessories typically come in earthy or neutral tones. Clothing is devoid of unnatural and potentially toxic dyes that usually wind up polluting our waterways. Long, flowing dresses made of cotton, burlap, and even lace are a staple in women’s boho style because of their affordability, accessibility, breathability, and versatility, not to mention their stunningly timeless designs.  

Large pieces of jewelry like hoop earrings, statement-making necklaces, and bracelets that are made of bamboo and other organic materials are also a key feature of bohemian style for women. 

Where to Buy Women’s Boho Clothing Online

If you’ve been searching for the right women’s boho clothing store that speaks to your artistic soul, then look no further than Woodstock Lodge. We’re committed to creating one-of-a-kind bohemian style clothing and jewelry for women that is a true reflection of the individualist in all of us. Contact us today to learn more.