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Handmade Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry

Bohemian style is in a constant change of evolution. Like beauty, the elements that define bohemian style and counterculture are in the eye of the beholder. In essence, there is no one true or comprehensive definition for what bohemian style is because it can be anything you want or perceive it to be. Bohemian jewelry and its intricate characteristics are a reflection of inner creativity and environmental consciousness, which is why they complement and even complete a counterculturist outfit perfectly.  

Woodstock Lodge is proud to create ethically sourced all-natural handmade bohemian-inspired jewelry for our environmentally, socially, and individually conscious customers. Because, to participate in bohemian culture and sport these unique fashions is to have a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you as it truly is. 

What Is Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry?

By its very nature, handcrafted bohemian-inspired jewelry features and expresses a simplistic kind of beauty through its ornate and colorful designs. The simple beauty of bohemian jewelry stems from the fact that only natural materials like gems, stones, feathers, beads, shells, sterling silver, etc. are used to create these unique pieces. 

Essentially, bohemian-inspired jewelry can be viewed as an extension of the wearer’s authentically artistic and expressionistic style. It’s the added embellishments and accessories to the outfit as well as how they’re implement that makes it truly unique.  

Like clothing, bohemian jewelry has a vast and interesting history that spans centuries. In the same vein, however, bohemian jewelry only gained popularity in more recent decades with the counterculturist hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Prior to that, elements of what’s currently considered bohemian style were very much present in South Asian countries like Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, to name a few.  

It was only in recent years when bohemian style and the use of handcrafted jewelry became prevalent. For many westerners, Woodstock and the vehement opposition to the Vietnam War served as the catalyst for this long enduring trend.

What Are the Different Types of Bohemian Jewelry?

Bohemian jewelry is unique in the sense that only all-natural materials that are derived directly from the earth and undergo very minimal to no processing are used to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. At Woodstock Lodge, we are wholeheartedly against the mass production of any accessories or clothing items.  

Each piece is carefully handcrafted by local artisans who are masters of their craft and know how to manipulate the materials to create high-quality and timeless statement pieces that will last you a long time. Featuring bold, vibrant colors and eclectic prints and patterns, each piece of authentic bohemian jewelry stands out even from similar counterparts due to distinctive imperfections that are characteristic of handcrafted pieces. 

Where to Buy One-of-a-Kind Bohemian Jewelry Online

Woodstock Lodge is one of the leading online authentically bohemian clothing and jewelry retailers. We take pride in the fact that all of our materials are responsibly and ethically sourced directly from Mother Nature herself. Through our one-of-a-kind styles, we invite you to connect with your roots and go on a distinctive stylistic journey that fulfills your artistic needs. Browse our catalogue or contact us today to learn more.