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Fashionable Cotton and Linen Bohemian Styles
Cotton and linen clothing aren’t just staples of the bohemian lifestyle and counterculture; they’re also both versatile materials that are commonly used for a variety of clothing fashions around the world. In fact, cotton is so ubiquitous that it can easily be blended with a number of other organic materials to add different characteristics to clothing such as stretchiness, airiness, and softness.

Cotton and linen are two of the most popular clothing materials thanks to their breathability and lightness which gives the wearer the ability to move around freely without compromising on style and beauty.

At Woodstock Lodge, all our unique clothing items are made of all-natural materials that are ethically and responsibly sourced, including cotton and linen.

Cotton and Linen Bohemian Clothing

There’s a reason that cotton and linen clothing are so popular in the bohemian counterculture. The bohemian lifestyle is all about living freely and authentically, and cotton and linen are two materials that allow people to do exactly that. Traditional bohemian clothing was meant to be simple, easily accessible for the common person, affordable, and above all, in complete opposition to the styles of the upper class.

Since early wearers of bohemian fashions were nomadic tribes like the early European gypsies, it was important for their clothing to be symbolic of their resistance to societal norms while also being extremely versatile without being too constrictive. In fact, early bohemians wanted to directly oppose the restrictive and tightly bound corsets, bustles, and petticoats that many high society women were forced to wear.

Another benefit of cotton and linen is that these materials are easily adaptable to different weather conditions and they can be dyed pretty much any color or feature a wide range of bold and bright prints. Bright colors and bold patterns are a big part of bohemian clothing and style because they express individuality and artistic freedom. That’s why bohemian style is so common amongst artists, writers, and free thinkers. It gives them the creativity, inspiration, and freedom to make unique clothing choices without the guilt and wastefulness that’s often associated with mainstream fast fashion trends.

Ethnic Prints in Cotton and Linen Clothing

The cotton plant is native to subtropical regions like southern American states, India, China, and Uzbekistan. It can only grow in warm climates. The concept of using cotton as a clothing textile originated in South Asia, which is why a lot of current bohemian fashions are heavily influenced by ethnic designs.

Linen is derived from the flax plant, which is native to Northern Africa, India, and Western Europe. The fibers of the flax plant are spun into coarse yarn strands which are then woven together to create linen cordage, thread, and twine. Linen is often used to make high-end towels and clothing fabrics.

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Woodstock Lodge is proud to work with local artisans in Nepal, India, and China to bring uniquely handcrafted bohemian clothing and accessories to the western world and abroad. Our brand’s mission is to help regular consumers make more ethical, socially conscious, and sustainable fashion choices that benefit the greater good of the planet and its global inhabitants. All of the materials we use are organic and ethically sourced and we encourage our customers to embrace the bohemian free spirit that resides within all of us. Contact us or browse our catalogue to learn more.