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Aware, not careless


Woodstock reflects yearning for freedom, creativity, boldness, sensuality, and peace that has deep roots in a vibrant and passionate culture. The bohemian style tastefully embodies these concepts to the core of an artist, traveler, rebel and bohemian soul. Woodstock Lodge is an idea, an emotion flickering in every mind and heart.

There always is a traveler in us. One who travel light, one who is utilitarian and an artist. One who dresses not just to cover but to assert the identity, to say more than a thousand words would say.


Your sense of freedom in the movement, your sense of belonging as you go out, your courage to be yourself wherever you are -is our inspiration at Woodstock Lodge. We are making Woodstock Lodge to be a place where you will find original aesthetic expressions for your daily life while maintaining a sense of adventure. We bring authentic, elegant, folk-inspired pieces to you- be it minimalistic or colorful.