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Why You Should Wear Bohemian-Style Clothing while Travelling

With all of the different style combinations, cultural influences, use of organic fabrics, and a global commitment to improving environmental sustainability, bohemian fashion is more accessible now than ever before. It’s especially ideal to wear these light, airy, and stretchy fabrics if you’re planning on travelling. Regardless of whether you’re going somewhere short or long distance, bohemian style during travelling is specifically designed to go the distance and last longer than fast fashion ever will.

Travel Friendly Bohemian clothing

Why Bohemian Fashion Is Better for Travelling

Bohemian fashion is a great choice for every occasion from casual comfort to professional sophistication, but where it really shines is in the hustle and bustle of planes, trains, and automobiles. Whether you’re travelling an hour away, cross-country, or exploring the world, bohemian fashion is one of the most versatile types of apparel for the everyday person. Here’s why:

It’s Comfortable

Comfort is a top priority for a lot of travelers as no one wants to feel like their clothing is punishing them when they’re being forced to sit in an enclosed space for hours on end.

It’s Whimsical and Unique

If standing out from the crowd and self expression is your cup of tea, then boho chic fashion is just what you need to accompany you during your travels. Bright, bold colour palettes combined with stunning patterns and high-quality handcrafted designs made from all-natural materials will help you exude true spirituality and artistry.

It’s Low Maintenance

Bohemian clothing is extremely low maintenance and easy to care for. You can easily go from daytime high fashion to nighttime elegance by simply changing up your accessories and hair style. Most bohemians tend to wear minimal makeup, so go for more natural tones that accentuate your facial features rather than brash colour palettes. Let the clothes do the talking for you.

It’s Sustainable  

Be kind to Mother Earth and she’ll return the favor. Travelling already puts a huge strain on the environment due to excessive amounts of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. While we’re not suggesting you refrain from exploring the world and the beautiful cultures it has to offer, it’s better not to put additional unnecessary strain on the environment by wearing fast fashion just because it’s cheap and convenient. Boho fashion is much more environmentally sustainable and can last for longer periods of time. Plus, the organic materials like cotton, linen, and jute are biodegradable, which means they won’t spend years in a landfill once you’re done with them.

As a global brand, Woodstock Lodge is committed to ensuring the well-being of this planet one piece of clothing and accessory at a time. We support local artisans across a wide range of countries including Nepal, India, and China. All of our clothing items and accessories are specially made to order and handcrafted by local designers and artisans with the intent of reducing environmental waste and boosting local economies. We also take great pride in utilizing only locally sourced materials that are carefully examined to meet our strict quality standards. Contact us to learn more or browse our online catalog.

  • March 05, 2020
  • Mrityunjay Awasthy