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What’s the Difference Between Boho, Hippie, and Boho Chic Fashion?

Boho fashion and hippie clothing trends are often intermingled and classified in the same stylistic categories using rather broad strokes. While there are certainly a few overlapping components of both styles, there are also a lot of differences. Most notably, they both have vastly different and unique origin stories, not to mention the fact that they represent distinct aspects of counterculture.

To truly know where these two types of fashion come from, it’s important to delve deep into the past.

The History of Bohemian Fashion vs. Hippie Clothing  

Boho fashion first started gaining traction in late 19th century Europe, not necessarily with the intent to be fashionable, but more to make a bold artistic statement and to relish in imaginative freedom. It was—and still is—a means of unabashed self expression for a lot of people, but now boho fashion also places a great focus on social and environmental consciousness as well.  
Hippie clothing styles, on the other hand, were born with a different intent in mind. Starting in the early to mid-1960s, the youth of that era took it upon themselves to protest everything they thought was wrong in the world. It began with the Vietnam War. From that sense of angst, aggression, and anti-establishment sentiments, a new counterculture came into being. Characterized by baggy, loose fitting clothing; long, shaggy hair; flower headbands; patchwork designs; and ripped jeans, hippie styles were more about purposefully not fitting into social norms and making a strong anti-establishment statement about how disenfranchised people felt than simply artistic expression—although, that was a part of it.

The Differences between Boho, Hippie, and Boho Chic

Visually speaking, there are quite a few notable differences between boho, hippie, and boho chic.

Bohemian Fashion  

Boho fashion is also about being true to oneself, regardless of which trends are popular. It’s about expressing individual style choices and using them to direct the course of your own visual narrative. Oftentimes, this is accomplished by wearing loose, airy, and breathable clothing made from light materials like cotton and linen that are naturally, responsibly, and ethically sourced from the earth. Bold prints, patterns, and colour combinations are also incorporated in a lot of men and women’s boho clothing.

Hippie Fashion

As mentioned, hippie clothing isn’t so much about being stylish as it is about making a bold political and sometimes artistic statement. Colours and patterns are usually muted by the use of neutral tones that are more in line with nature. In true hippie fashion, a lot of the articles of clothing and accessories are usually handmade using whatever natural materials the person wearing or selling them is able to obtain locally.

Boho Chic Fashion  

Boho chic fashion is largely influenced by both bohemian and hippie styles in that it embodies the idea of loose fitting, airy, and light clothing items. Like its predecessors, boho chic fashion draws upon inspiration from various cultures and ideologies. Striking a balance between authentic counterculture sensibilities without demanding the wearer completely alienate themselves from mainstream beliefs, boho chic fashion is ideal for anyone who finds themselves comfortably perched in the middle.

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  • December 19, 2019
  • Mrityunjay Awasthy