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Tips on Adapting Bohemian Clothing and Fashion to Your Lifestyle

Bohemian fashion and style isn’t just about what’s adorning your physical body; it’s also about your attitude and your unique perspectives on life. With that in mind, bohemian clothing for women and men can be pretty much whatever the wearer wants or perceives it to be. It’s free flowing, often loose fitting, breathable, colorful, textured, and versatile enough to match your ever-changing moods and sensibilities. Above all, bohemian clothing and accessories are a free-form and a completely unique expression of your inner self and your wandering soul.

Of course, just like any other enduring category of style throughout history, there are certain universal guidelines and widely accepted elements that can be applied to make a fashion statement distinctly bohemian.

Add Layers

Throughout history many free thinkers, artisans, and nomads have had a tendency to wear multiple layers of clothing. This is an enduring element of bohemian style that started partly due to practicality and necessity rather than strictly as a fashion statement since a lot of bohemians traveled a great deal from one place to another. Nowadays, bohemians layer their clothing as a form of self expression and in a sense to symbolize the complex nature of the human spirit which is layered with internal conflicts, controversies, emotions, self acceptance, and other components of the human condition. The first layer is typically a light tank top or flowy blouse that’s topped off with a long brocade.

Make It Your Own  

Self expression is an integral part of bohemian style. Keep in mind that style and fashion are two different things. Fashion is fleeting and subject to the ever-changing whims of designers and popular trends. Style, on the other hand, is more personal and unique to each individual, and far more enduring. Your sense of style communicates who you are to the rest of the world, so it’s important to choose colours, patterns, and fits that truly represent your inner self.

Don’t Compromise Comfort for Fashion

To elaborate further on that point, it’s important not to lose your sense of self and comfort in all of the hubbub of the fashion industry. What’s trendy or fashionable in the current moment might soon disappear almost as quickly as it came, so be selective with the items that you choose to wear and make a conscious decision of what goes on your body. While looking good is a perfectly acceptable goal, it should never take priority over your personal and physical comfort. Wear clothes and accessories because you enjoy them not because others enjoy them on you.

Wear Unique Statement Pieces

If there’s one thing bohemians aren’t meant to do, it’s fit within a generic box of social constructions and expectations. Bohemian style can be as subtle or as loud and proud as you want it to be. Understandably, certain social or professional situations call for specific dress codes to be followed and we must all abide by them at some point or another. But, adding small statement pieces or accessories to any ensemble is a great way to reflect your free-spirited nature without being completely inhibited by social norms. Woodstock Lodge is an eco-friendly clothing and accessory provider on a mission. Our goal is to create stunning and unique boho chic clothing and accessories that are handcrafted using locally and responsibly sourced materials to help minimize the environmental impact of the fashion industry on our precious planet. Contact us today to learn more about our environmental initiatives or to place an order!
  • December 05, 2019
  • Mrityunjay Awasthy