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Minimalism in Bohemian Fashion

We’ve all heard the phrase “There are a thousand ways to say it”. We’ve also heard “A picture is worth than a thousand words.” So, which one is it then? The answer is whichever one pulls it off better. The rule is that there are no rules. Ornamenting our bodies and surroundings is one of the most primitive human traditions. Welcome to fashion. So, where do we go from here when all is said and done? Remember the rule? Break it and let that be the new rule.

Ornamenting with clothing, color, and accessories make the core of modern fashion. The catch is that there is a method to it. Bohemian style is associated with casual, rebellious, and artistically selected repertoire. With an abundance of choices, “less is more” is the key.

Bohemian patch Cotton top

Minimalist Bohemian (Less Is More)

I once had a friend who used to paint abstract. I had seen him staring at the blank canvas for hours after the gesso had dried. This would continue for days. I consider myself a patient person, but he would always manage to beat me down in the department of patience, every single time. Weary, I would question his idea and intent. He’d answer calmly with a victorious grin, “I won’t let my brush ruin this beautiful white calm of the canvas”. So, here’s our takeaway. Do not, if doing undoes it. Minimalism is always very self-conscious, as well as self-critical. Start with a simple base, add to it only if that adds up. Do not be a clothing hanger in an antique shop.

Bohemian Ethnic Jewelry

Dress up Only if It’s the Next Best Thing to Naked

But that would be too monotonous. Fortunately, we have the right and beautiful solution for that: Minimalist Bohemian attire. You’ve got the body, great start! All you need to do is add flow to it. Some would start with a piece of accessory, say a tiny piercing, and add the next piece that would go with it. Some would start with a particular color, texture, or fitting style of clothing to reflect the mood they want to be caught in. You can keep them piling on, adding piece by piece but be very cautious. DO NOT, if it does not add up. Think of the contours and flow you were born with. Stay classy. Stay minimal.

Am I a Good Fit?

Minimalist Bohemian is a style, not a certain set of clothing and accessories. If you need to, and are fit to wear anything at all, you are a good fit for Bohemian clothing as well. You don’t need to believe someone telling you that a certain print or frill does not belong just because no one wore it in the 60s. Of course, we had a blast in the 60s; that shouldn’t stop us now. It’s the mindset and right vibe that defines Bohemian attire, not the means. Yes, crochet bikinis might not work for some if blessed with a few extra pounds. How about loose fit linen or cotton shirt? Once you know the how and why of it, you are most welcome to break the rules and make up a few of your own.

Boho Linen Dress

It’s All about Palette Honey: Look up to Nature

This statement translates beautifully and flawlessly in almost all the disciplines of life. We look at the moon that the Earth wears and start to dream. You want to wear a pair on your ears, why not? You can almost never go wrong if you start by imitating the subtle beauty of things surrounding you (maybe skip the porcupine). Pay attention to leather, texture, glow, and play of colors when many things come together. We inherit from birds, from plants, and from seasons. Beautiful beaks, a touch of bright red spots on jet black feathers, just a little will do. The thing to remember, when wearing minimalist Bohemian is to be the bird, not the zoo. Treat clothing like a blank canvas and paint it only if a touch of color brings in a new story.

Nature inspired Bohemian Jewelry

Shopping for Minimalist a Look: Don’t Be an Impulsive Shopper

Bohemian Minimalism in fashion by its very definition has certain conditions. Don’t go overboard with hoarding. That shows struggle and rightly so. You don’t want to shower yourself with two dozen ideas, thinking maybe a couple of them will work. Nope! They never do. The things you put on yourself will compete for attention and end up eating each other (and drowning you). Say you categorize the elements in your attire as cloth being your main category and a top and bottom as your sub-category. The same goes for accessories. Arms, feet, head, neck and so on. Don’t cramp one category with excessive types. All these types and subtypes should harmonize your being. Wear them for a single fashion statement, not for a book of a thousand beautiful, yet contradicting quotes. Everything has to come together as one YOU.

It takes a long time to build one good Bohemian wardrobe. Don’t rush just because you want to get there so fast. You might end up buying loads of stuff that you will be posting on Facebook Marketplace pretty soon. Think ahead when you find something beautiful. What goes with it? Maybe you already have something like that in your wardrobe? Will it add or will it be a substitute? Think of a bigger and fuller picture. Picture yourself with a complete dress with that one accessory you are about to buy. The mantra to take home is don’t litter, no matter how inviting things appear in beautifully decorated and lightened up shelves in the store. Envision yourself making the statement (you need to have one).

At Woodstock Lodge, we are committed to bringing you the finest threads and quality handmade accessories for your perfect Bohemian attire. We take your fine tastes very seriously and believe in fashion that creates distinct harmony and a beautiful melody. Minimalist Bohemian style offers a wide canvas and vivid palette. Choose your bird and your season. Bring it home.

  • April 22, 2020
  • Mrityunjay Awasthy