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How to Wear Bohemian Fashion Style in 2020

Bohemian fashion style is all about embracing your natural inner and outer beauty while expressing yourself through your external appearance. It allows you to treat your body like the canvas that it is by adorning your physical being with bright, bold colours and eccentric prints. Unlike other styles, boho fashion doesn’t necessarily follow a set of rules that can be broken. Born out of an intrinsic need for escapism and individuality, bohemian fashion defies all cultural and society norms, instead encouraging the wearer to forge their own stylistic path.

Bohemian style may have originated in the 19th century with European nomads and free spirits, but it’s one of the most enduring fashions in human history. Over time, different elements of bohemian style have evolved to suit modern sensibilities and needs, but the overall sentiment behind it has remained the same: expressing individuality and artistic beauty through environmentally and socially conscious practices. How can you continue to carry these ideas forward in 2020?
Keep reading to find out. 

Keeping Bohemian Fashion Alive

One way to keep bohemian fashion alive is through the use of modern technology. Purchasing bohemian fashion online through reputable environmentally and socially conscious companies that support local artisans and fair trade manufacturers in their native countries can help you achieve the authentically boho chic look you want. Aside from the beautiful and unique clothing and accessories that make up bohemian fashion, there’s a fascinating counterculture attached to it that’s also worth exploring.  
In many parts of the world like Southeast Asia, boho fashion as an intricate, unique, and rich cultural history that spans decades. Using natural materials, fabrics, and ancient clothing and accessory making techniques, many cultures have managed to keep that authentic spirit alive by incorporating these elements into their modern designs. Intermingling past traditions with modern perspectives gives true free-spirited thinkers a taste of the history their ancestors experienced along with a hopeful outlook for the future they intend to be a part of. This tenacity for mixing the old in with the new and using fine artistry and handcrafted goods to bridge the gap between the past, the present, and the future is what keeps the bohemian spirit young and vibrant even in the most uncertain times.  

What Are the Elements of Bohemian Style?

Although bohemian style doesn’t have any set rules that govern its existence or survival per se, there are certain elements that make it truly unique and help it stand out from other types of fashion.
Putting together a truly bohemian look is easy if you know where to begin. All you really have to do is figure out what you like, set an intention for your overall appearance, do a little research on socially and environmentally conscious brands, and go from there. After all, true bohemian fashion is all about connecting your inner self, the earth, and your fellow humans with whom you’re fortunate enough to share this life.

Natural Fabrics

Authentic bohemian clothing and accessories are only ever made from natural materials and fabrics that are derived from the earth with minimal human intervention or processing. Organic cotton, linen, jute, silk, and hemp are some of the most common materials used to manufacture bohemian fashion. The environment and basic human rights are at the forefront of truly authentic bohemian designers, so all clothing items and accessories are consciously designed and manufactured to meet strict guidelines.

Neutral Tones and Colours

Bohemian clothing tends to be eco-friendly and actively opposes the very environmentally detrimental standards and practices put forth by the fast fashion industry. This includes the harmful process of dying clothing certain shades. A lot of bohemian clothing tends to stick to neutral shades like light blues, browns, creams, and white. However, there are natural clothing dying methods that have minimal to no environmental impact and can even be done in the comfort of your own home.

Bold Patterns

Another staple in bohemian fashion is integrating a variety of bold patterns into a single outfit and using different layers to create a unique silhouette. One of the reasons a lot of free thinkers tend to flock to bohemian style is because of its penchant for creativity. People who think outside the box like to stand out from the crowd, but they’re not willing to sacrifice substance or comfort for form. With loose-fitting, bohemian clothing styles, you can have your cake and eat it too, without feeling guilty about it. And the best part is that you can throw in a few funky accessories like a stunning beaded necklace, chunky bracelets, large bulky earrings, and a hemp handbag to complement your outfit.


Remember, other than being a socially and environmentally conscious consumer, bohemian fashion doesn’t really have any rules. When it comes to colour, pattern, and shape combinations; the sky’s the limit! You can pair a floor-length flowy floral maxi dress with a cute cardigan and sandals. Or go for a knee-length sundress and cute rounded shades. The choice is yours depending on whatever you’re feeling that day.

Unique Footwear

The right footwear can help you complete any look. If you’re craving a little summer fun and want to go for that beachy carefree look, then try throwing on a pair of thong sandals. For a more casual day out-on-the-town, a light brown leather cowboy boot works with pretty much any dress or pair of shorts. Footwear isn’t just meant for practicality; it can also be used to help enhance your overall ensemble and add different layers of creativity.

Simple Makeup

Makeup isn’t meant to hide your face; if anything, its purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and accentuate your facial features. For a true bohemian look, work with what you have and select natural cruelty-free beauty brands that support your environmental convictions.

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  • January 17, 2020
  • Mrityunjay Awasthy