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FALL- Like a PRO

FALL- Like a PRO

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Hope y'all staying safe and healthy. What a year! I still feel snow stuck in my shoe sometimes and they tell you summer is already over. Like What? When did that happen? I didn’t even have a chance to change my snow tires man. True, a bohemian is always an outsider. We still can look at the positive though; do our bit to stay safe, keep others safe and keep our Bohemian spirits up. Let’s stay healthy, inspired and welcome the fall season with open arms.

Change is in the air. Tree shedding gold. Earth wears hot orange, warms up her heart before she switches to all white in a few months time. Here’s your cue.


This is the best time of the year to get those spider nets out of your wardrobe and spin them whichever way. Keep your ripped jeans on, even if you lived in them this whole summer. Just put a spin on it. Simple knit sweater or a laced tank top adds to the breezy, yet layered clothing style in fall. Whirl an embroidered shawl or stole around your shoulders and buckle up those leather gypsy boots. Hear! Hear that crunch!

Bohemian Fashion for Fall

Match-it with Fall colors

Have you ever noticed that on onset of the Fall, one side of the tree starts to turn orange faster than the other? What beauty! As if you see two seasons merging, hanging from the same bunch. That is your Bohemian Mantra of the day. Aim for rust colors, throw knitted stole on top of a grey T. This also is the best time to showcase your Boho jewelry. Hit the bead market, Shop online for Rust colored bracelets, leather accessories and your gypsy ruby.

Fall season Bohemian clothing from Woodstock Lodge Toronto


Shorts Season

Wear ripped shorts with fringed boots and fringed Kimono. Yes, let the mid-western farm scene open up a bit wider next to your buttoned up condo. Turkey anyone?

Stay Grounded

I know I don’t have to remind a gypsy soul to stay connected to the earth and fill fresh air in your lungs. Go out. Fill your heart with as many spectacles as you could collect. Let them warm your heart before winter catches up. Go full linen. Wear a neutral palette of pure linen and add a red or blue bracelet or pendant to it like a lone ripened berry hanging on a beautiful twig that has shed the leaves.
Linen Clothing from Woodstock Lodge Toronto

Go out while you can whenever you can. Please stay safe and keep others safe as well. Find new ways to celebrate every season, all occasions. We are making this month a Linen Special. Do not forget to check our FALL SPECIAL discounts at

Stay awesome, stay safe

  • October 20, 2020
  • Mrityunjay Awasthy