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Our Story

Travel. Woodstock Lodge is an idea, an emotion flickering in every mind and heart. Founded by Manu Awasthy, who experienced innate connection with far away places through his travels around India, Nepal, China, and the Himalayas, Manu felt the desire to bring a part of serene yet vibrant and passionate bohemian culture to the urban world. Woodstock reflects the yearning for freedom, creativity, boldness, sensuality, and harmony that is deeply rooted in bohemian culture. The bohemian style tastefully embodies these concepts to the core of an artist, traveler, rebel, and bohemian soul.

Inspiration. There is always a traveler in each one of us. You dress not just to cover but also to assert the identity, to say more than thousand words could ever say. You stay mindful of your sense of freedom in the movement, your sense of belonging as you go out, your courage to be yourself wherever you are—and that is our inspiration at Woodstock Lodge.

We handpick and bring authentic, folk-inspired pieces to you—be it minimalist or with a touch of lively colour. Everyday, we move towards making Woodstock Lodge a place where you will find aesthetic expressions for your daily life, while maintaining a sense of adventure.


Our Products

Clothing. All of our clothing is unisex, so we leave it to you to decide how to amplify and express your sense of style through minimalist colors, prints, and a variety of fabrics. Most of our clothes are ethically made by villagers in Nepal, India and China using linen, cotton, hand flax, and hemp.

Accessories. At Woodstock Lodge, we're committed to providing you with a wide selection of high-quality, affordable, and ethically sourced pieces to accessorize your bohemian lifestyle. All of our accessories are expertly handcrafted by skillfil artisans using all-natural materials. From our beautifu necklaces and pendants to our stunning earrings and bracelets, we take great pride in supporting local talent.

Our Online Store

Our online store makes the bohemian lifestyle of seemingly faraway lands accessible no matter where you live or what you do. We cater to a wide range of styles, sensibilities, and needs to enlighten the mind and bring peace to the soul with expertly handcrafted and hand-picked pieces.